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The Kenosha eSchool is a fully-accredited online charter school, serving students since 2007. The eSchool offers full and part-time enrollment options for Kenosha Unified School District students in grades K-12.


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Grades K-5 Registration

Elementary registration for the 2016-17 school year begins Monday, July 11.  To start the registration process, please click on the following link and complete the information: http://kenoshaeschoolk5.org/enrollment-2/.

Due to the limited number of Elementary spots available, registration is only open to students within the Kenosha Unified School District boundary.

To Learn more about our Elementary Curriculum, please visit our Calvert partner page: http://kenoshaeschoolk5.org/

Summer School Begins Monday, June 20th

Kenosha eSchool Summer Building Hours

Monday-Thursday……….8:00 am-3:00 pm

June 20 Summer School Begins
July 4 Kenosha eSchool  Closed…Have a Fun and Safe 4th of July!
July 25-29 Finals Week (You may schedule your final before this week if all work is complete, but, all finals must be scheduled with your teacher )
June 29 Last Day of Summer School

  KUSD 2015-2016 required testing Schedule

Important Update:  http://www.kusd.edu/important-update-re-school-threats

It is imperative that parents and guardians are aware of a new state statute enacted in April 2016 that creates the crime of terrorist threats. Act 311 generally states that any individual who makes real or false claims regarding shootings, bomb threats or to cause any other bodily harm to others is guilty of a Class I felony. Since its enactment, local law enforcement has started charging individuals, including students, in line with Act 311 if they have made threats against our schools. Making threats is not a joking matter and individuals may face fines and/or imprisonment for their actions, whether intentional or not. Please speak to your children about the severity of making threats and the toll it will take on their future if they choose to make such a terrible choice.

For more details, visit https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/related/lcactmemo/act311


Kenosha eSchool Computer Lab Schedule and Closings


eSchool Governance Board Openings–Click here for more information: http://eschool.kusd.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/governanceboard.pdf


 Parent/Guardian Resource Information

Browser Compatibility

Students, if you are experiencing problems with course content not showing up, please check to be sure your browser is compatible.  Here are the steps: http://eschool.kusd.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Browser-Compatibility-Steps-for-Course-Content-That-is-Not-Appearing.pdf

Meningococcal Disease: Protect Your Child

High School Course Selection Form (Current, Full Time eSchool Students)

NCAA Requirements