Elementary Students—Register for eSchool

 Grades K-5 Registration

We currently have a waitlist for elementary grades for the 2017-18 school year.  Please contact Jill Zupetz at 262-359-7039 for information on the waitlist.

Due to the limited number of Elementary spots available, registration is only open to students within the Kenosha Unified School District boundary.

Middle and High School Students—Register for eSchool

Grades 6-12

  1. To create a New Student Account, click here.
  2. Once you are assigned a Login and Password, be sure to enter the account to make sure it is working.
  3. Print the  Course Request Form and get the required signatures.
  4. Mail, fax, or deliver the Course Request Form to our eSchool office.  Once we receive your Course Request Form, you will be enrolled in Orientation during the next available time, and a notification will go to the email address listed in your eSchool student account.   ***You must successfully complete Orientation before you can be enrolled with eSchool (full or part time).
  5. Part Time Students:  Once you receive notification of your eSchool course start date, please complete the Part Time eSchool Confirmation Form  and return it to your counselor to make any schedule changes.